Video tutorials

In 90 minutes of videos, we will introduce you to SBLCore software and its features. Videos will guide you through the steps to create safety data sheets, labels, or PCN reports, and help you start working effectively with safety data sheets in the software.


How does SBLCore work


First Steps in SBLCoreplay

First Steps in SBLCore


SBLCore trial download, database setup, import of sample safety data sheets and substance database, directory and phrases, user manual.

Contact Listplay

Contact List


Starting a new business in the directory and working with the contact list.




Backing up and restoring data, setting up automatic backups.

New Substanceplay

New Substance


Substance database, establishment of a new substance based on information from the safety data sheet, completion of the CAS, EC, and REACH number, substance name, completion of classification and toxicological and ecotoxicological values from sections 8, 11, and 12.

Substance Databaseplay

Substance Database


Substance database – methods of filtering, the selection of columns for filtering, types of substances in the database, searching and creating a new substance, and the differentiation of substances in the database.

ECHA Substancesplay

ECHA Substances


ECHA substances – Search on ECHA, the classification and names of substances on ECHA, adding a new substance from ECHA to the database.

Safety Data Sheetplay

Safety Data Sheet


Creation of a new safety data sheet – filling in documentation and substances, calculation of classification, use of automatic phrases, preview of the safety data sheet.




Phrase types, custom phrase creation, and automatic phrase settings.




Translation of safety data sheets with the help of SBLCore, creation of one’s own phrases with translations.

Classification calculationplay

Classification calculation


Description of the information needed for automatic classification, its input, and the calculation of automatic classification.

Classification Balanceplay

Classification Balance


Description of the data and the procedure for calculating the classification within the classification report.




Creating labels, multilingual labels, label sheets, and label creation instructions.


Custom Label Templates


Preparation of custom templates.




Creating a safety data sheet for a detergent – adding detergent components, creating a data sheet.

PCN access settings incl. S2Splay

PCN access settings incl. S2S


Access setup for the PCN portal and S2S activation for direct notification from software. PCN registration, system solution (S2S).

Notification into PCN portalplay

Notification into PCN portal


Manual notification, S2S notification.

PCN without SDSplay

PCN without SDS


Creation of PCN notifications without the need for a safety data sheet.

SBLCore Blue subscriptionplay

SBLCore Blue subscription


SBLCore Blue – detailed description of the subscription.

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We offer solutions for creating and managing safety data sheets. Let us deal with the overall administration associated with the creation, classification, and archiving of safety data sheets. SBLCore software is designed for all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and various users of chemicals and mixtures.

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