Safety Data Sheets
under control
SBLCore is a unique software package
developed to facilitate the creation and management of safety data sheets.
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Significant time savings SBLCore significantly speeds up your work compared to
the manual processing, translating and updating of safety data sheets.
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Get a perfect overview Sophisticated filtering, automatic classification
and complete supporting documentation, all in one place.

That´s SBLCore.
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Legislative assurance
under all circumstances
SBLCore removes the risk of improperly processed
safety data sheets and the lengthy search for legislative changes.
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Training and follow-up support Initial training, a sophisticated support system,
and a well laid out handbook are part of each license.
This also applies to successive software updates.
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Multilingual support SBLCore currently supports 27 languages,
with more being added continuously.
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Key advantages of SBLCore

By using SBLCore, you have a wide variety of tools at your fingertips to streamline and accelerate your daily work with sds creation, translation, and updates.

How does SBLCore work?

With our clear tutorial video, you will discover how SBLCore works in next to no time.

About SBLCore

More than 180 companies use our tool to create, translate, and update safety data sheets. Find out for yourself how satisfied they are with SBLCore.

Download and try out our 30-day free trial version of SBLCore, without any obligation.


SBLCore significantly speeds up your work compared to the manual processing and translating of safety data sheets.

Sophisticated filtering, automatic classification and complete supporting documentation, all in one place. That´s SBLCore.

SBLCore removes the risk of improperly processed or translated safety data sheets and the lengthy search for legislative changes.

Initial training, a sophisticated system of support, and a well laid out handbook are part of each license. This also applies to successive software updates.


Creation of a single SDS for a distributor

3.5 h


0.75 h

using SBLCore

Creation of a single SDS for a manufacturer

6 h


1.5 h

using SBLCore


Among other things, it will rid you of the lengthy searches for the required safety data sheet. Simply apply a filter.
There are no complicated calculations any more. For a quick and convenient classification, just use the relevant option.
SBLCore keeps all the documents for the safety data sheets created and managed by you in one place attached to the SDS.


Did you know…

Improperly processed safety data sheets


Make up, according to inspections conducted in 2015
52 %
Of all SDS in the EU



Reasons for a high error rate


The CLP Regulation has 15 amendments, including updates to
2 343
pages of text for each language.

The safety data sheet format has been fundamentally changed
4 x
since 2006.

With SBLCore and its updates


You can completely eliminate errors in your processed SDS.

There is no need to search for and spend lots of time reading up on legislative changes.



Initial training

Initial training and innovative control means that both operational specialists and trained personnel alike can master sds creation in SBLCore in a very short period of time.


Our specialists provide both email and telephone support. They are ready to help resolve any technical or user problems you may have within the shortest possible time frame.


Each installation of SBLCore software comes with a comprehensive handbook which users can keep close at hand.


SBLCore updates not only ensure technical stability and smooth running, but also guarantee the legal accuracy of the data used.


One of the key advantages of SBLCore is the ability to translate safety data sheets into multiple languages. With the push of a button, you can generate a safety data sheet in another language, which is converted in full compliance with the legislation of the given country. Furthermore, the localized user environment allows convenient control in your native language. SBLCore is currently available in 27 languages, with more being added continuously.


Samples of safety data sheets


Automatic classification

Using SBLCore you can apply an automatic classification based on input data and included substances with the push of a button. This generates a classification balance sheet, explaining the details on the classification calculations. Derivation of acute toxicity ATE and partial re-calculations of environmental hazard are part of the calculation. The calculation for the mixture hazard uses summarized formulas to assess the additive effects of substances.

Automatic phrases

The autofill function provides substantial process simplification – these phrases are filled automatically into each safety data sheet and always in accordance with the final classification. This eliminates the need to repeatedly fill in legal texts manually.

Creation of a label and label sheets

Streamline your labelling process, while mitigating mistakes. SBLCore allows you to design labels and output them into various formats, within and out of the app. A single label can quickly be changed to a large label sheet. They can be fully customized and set as templates, while retaining all required legal text and pictograms. The editor allows you to export customizable label creation instructions, in case your labels are perfected by graphic designers.


The Unique Formula Identifier can now be generated with SBLCore. The software contains an integrated UFI Generator with which the required code can be generated based on the entered information. For more information about UFI, visit the, website, which includes a UFI Generator. An UFI Decoder is also available to help identify the mix number and company Tax ID used to build the UFI code.

How does SBLCore work


In our short video, we will show you:

  • database of hazardous substances provided with the software
  • creation of a new safety data sheet
  • automatic classification use
  • autofill function
  • view and export of a safety data sheet
  • creation of a label and label sheet
  • translation of a safety data sheet into multiple languages

First steps in SBLCore
Contact list
Backup creation
New substance
SDS creation
Label creation
Complete SDS creation
Classification and Balance sheet
Classification Calculation
Database of substances
Tips and tricks
UFI and the new notication system


Our everyday experience with generating safety data sheets made us think about how we could simplify the process for our clients. That is why we created SBLCore. SBLCore is unique in that it allows you to generate, manage, and translate safety data sheets in-house. You therefore have everything under full control, and benefit from the support we extend through our database, for which we provide regular updates. All of this with an emphasis on the personal touch, professionalism and, above all, a thorough knowledge of applicable legislation.

This efficient and reliable software is the product of many years of experience of Gracilis’s employees and of the beliefs of the SBLCore team that such modern and progressive solutions are the future of the whole industry. The solution benefits users by increasing work efficiency in terms of creation and mannagement of safety data sheets and related issues.

Martina Šnajdrová

Chief Executive Officer

Petr Podrazil

Lead Developer

Blanka Burešová

Financial Director


“In our company, we work with a large quantity of safety data sheets on a daily basis. These are prepared for a number of applied raw materials, semi-finished products, and various types and shades of paints and building materials. It is also typical for the recipes to be relatively complex. Thanks to the SBLCore software, we are not only able to save a significant amount of time creating safety data sheets, but it allows us to do it in a simple, transparent and user-friendly environment. From our point of view, other benefits include, for example, the option to save the data into various formats or export it into XML for instant notification to the server of the Ministry of Health (CHLaP).”

Hradilová Alena
Department of Quality and Environment

„The software has simplified the creation of SDSs in various languages, making changes when updating the composition of materials, mixtures, etc. Before implementation of the Software, a new SDS took “several days” to generate; today, it takes 1 hour, or in the case of a foreign language version from the Slovak original, just a few minutes. We appreciate the technical support, the incorporation of our comments into the Software, and last but not least, the support in the area of "chemistry" and legislation.“

GYNEX s.r.o.

„SBLCore has helped us to significantly accelerate the creation and processing of safety data sheets. Thanks to this software, we have an organized database of all the safety data sheets created by us at our disposal.”

Pavla Soukupová
Department of Marketing and Purchasing
dm drogerie markt s.r.o.

“The processing of our safety data sheets is much faster with SBLCore software. The automatic transfer of data from the substance database into the relevant sections of a given safety data sheet, has eliminated the lengthy searches with regards to exposure limits, environmental and toxicological data, etc. In addition, the translations into each language are very fast - there is only a need to translate a few sentences instead of the typical pages of text, on average thirteen, for each of our safety data sheets. The legislation is implemented through updates. Update packages are created directly by the SBLCore implementation team and we can always rely on their accuracy.“

Chovancová Marie
ISO, Ecology, Certification

“I have already made our safety sheets in the languages that we need. It’s quite easy to do, once all substances that are needed for the safety sheets are added accurately. I had to add quite a few, but that is only one time. Now we can make the safety sheets easily in any language we want. That saves a lot of time.“

Toon Vermeule
Easy Life International B.V., Holland

„I've been using SBLCore since November 2016.The software has helped me to save a lot of money. The program works very well. I can react quickly to changes in recipes. I also use the software to define new recipes, when I can respond to the composition of the product so that the classification is as smooth as possible. I'm really very happy with the tool and I'm glad we purchased the program.“

Marcela Stiborová
S A E L A s.r.o.

„I can't imagine our family business without SBLCore. It guarantees time independence, certainty and clarity, all in one. Professional translation into foreign languages ready seconds is also of great benefit.“

Marek Rauš
Production Director
Trix Praha spol., s r.o.

“We are actively using the SBLCore Safety Data Sheet for the fourth year. The program is user-friendly, we were able to create the first safety data sheets immediately after the initial training, and our colleagues in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia enjoy using it as well. I appreciate the flexibility of the program, as it helps to create a simple SDS quickly and can handle even the most demanding tasks, for instance in the case of complicated mixtures. In addition, I value the well-structured database, the ability to update quickly and, last but not least, the technical support that is willing and professional to solve our problems and answer our questions. "

Jana Jahodová
HSH Chemie s.r.o.

„When looking for a solution for the processing and management of safety data sheets, I chose SBLCore software. We purchased SBLCore more as a backup and support solution for our operatives, but it soon proved to be a powerful tool that now helps us to process safety data sheets for the whole range of original ŠKODA parts and accessories. With this software, we have successfully passed audits conducted by our foreign importers and our sales have not been jeopardised. We use 18 language localisations. If the user knows what they want and knows how to achieve it, SBLCore is of enormous help.”

Tadeáš Narovec
Dangerous Goods Coordinator