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Communication is key for us. We are always here for you, happy to accommodate your wishes and needs. SBLCore team demonstrates our values and strives to provide the best customer service.

Blanka Burešová

Blanka Burešová

Executive Director, Managing Director

Petr Podrazil

Petr Podrazil

Developer, Managing Director

Sales Department
Simona Petrikovičová

Simona Petrikovičová

Sales Director

+420 731 390 417

Renata Kokiová

Renata Kokiová

Marketing specialist


Darina Šmejkalová

Darina Šmejkalová

Sales representative

+420 702 170 168

Magdalena Orlik

Magdalena Orlik

Sales representative

+420 736 127 723

Tereza Došek Jansová

Tereza Došek Jansová

Business assistant

+420 604 955 226

Monika Kantorska

Monika Kantorska

Business assistant

+48 882 595 564

Chemical Legislation Department
Lucie Heřmanová

Lucie Heřmanová

Chemical Legislation Specialist

+420 737 010 979

Support Department
Radovan Papež

Radovan Papež

Chemical legislation consultant

+420 602 661 029

Jan Stuchlík

Jan Stuchlík

Customer support

+420 604 787 548

Economic Department
Jiřina Bálková

Jiřina Bálková



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Join more than 750 companies, that have been satisfied with our products or services.

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We offer solutions for creating and managing safety data sheets. Let us deal with the overall administration associated with the creation, classification, and archiving of safety data sheets. SBLCore software is designed for all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and various users of chemicals and mixtures.

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SBLCore s.r.o.

Sezemická 2757/2
Praha 9, Horní Počernice
Czech Republic

CRN: 04278968
VAT Reg No: CZ04278968


Phone: +420 731 390 417

E-mail: sblcore@sblcore.com

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