A comprehensive tool for your safety data sheets


SBLCore is the perfect solution for all activities related to the creation and archiving of safety data sheets required for all hazardous substances and mixtures.

The software also includes functions for the hazard classification of substances and mixtures, the creation and submission of PCN reports, and the creation of UFI codes and label designs.

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Safety data sheets with SBLCore

Safety Data Sheets Under Control

Drastically reduce the time required to manage your safety data sheets. The software will also monitor whether all your safety data sheets are legislatively accurate and up-to-date.

SBLCore is intended for all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and downstream users of chemicals and mixtures.

Safety data sheets simply and flexibly

Creating Safety Data Sheets with SBLCore Software

SBLCore is intuitive and offers everything you need when working with safety data sheets. The software is user-friendly, with features appreciated by both experts who deal with safety data sheets daily and by complete novices without knowledge of the legislation.


Safety data sheets

Create a safety data sheet several times faster. Documents and supporting documentation can be archived in the software.


Substance database

The software includes a comprehensive database of substances. Other substances can be imported from the ECHA database or you can create your own.


Creating Mixtures and MiM

Substances and mixtures can be added to the safety data sheet. The concentration of ingredients is then automatically recalculated.



The software calculates the product classification automatically. It also includes a classification report, which describes the calculation procedure.


Phrases and translations

The software contains a database of phrases for individual countries. Convert documents to another language with a single click.



Create UFI codes, prepare a PCN notification in the software and upload them directly to the ECHA portal just with one click.


Labels Creation

The software prepares labels with all the essentials or it generates instructions for preparation of your own label design.



Get a notification when your safety data sheet is out of date. The revision function then creates a new document with the latest information.

Countries and languages

SBLCore is Available in 27 Languages

One of the key advantages of SBLCore software is the creation of safety data sheets for a total of 36 countries, mostly from the EU. Create safety data sheets for any of these countries with a single click.

The software environment itself is also available in 27 languages. You can easily change the interface language yourself.

Samples of safety data sheets

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No-obligation version of SBLCore.

SBLCore Trial

Why You Should Start Using SBLCore Software

Legislative assurance

Legislative assurance

The safety data sheet corresponds with current legislation

Time savings

Time savings

Significant acceleration of work compared to the manual creation of safety data sheets

Perfect overview

Perfect overview

User-friendly environment, supporting documents stored in one place

Software Tutorial Videos

The software comes with tutorial videos, guiding you through the software's individual functions.

Safety Data Sheets are Indispensable by Many

The legislation requires safety data sheets wherever chemicals or mixtures are handled in any way. You must provide a safety data sheet if you are a manufacturer, downstream user, distributor, or you import products from outside the European Union.

Manufacturer and downstream user

Manufacturer and downstream user

If you manufacture a hazardous chemical or mixture, you are a manufacturer or downstream user. It is your responsibility to provide information about a product’s properties and hazards to the authorities and to advise your customers on how to use your products safely. A safety data sheet is used for this.

SBLCore software helps you with both the creation of safety data sheets and product classification, as well as label design and PCN reporting.



If you buy a product in a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) and pass it on without modification, you are a distributor of a hazardous substance or mixture. You are required to provide a safety data sheet that complies with the target country legislation, using the product classification from the supplier’s safety data sheet.

SBLCore software will help you with both, the creation of a safety data sheet and a conversion into the appropriate language.



If you buy a chemical product from a supplier located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and sell it in the EEA, you become an importer of a hazardous substance or mixture. If you do not have an appropriate material safety data sheet available from the manufacturer, you must provide a material safety data sheet compliant with the legislation of the import country.

SBLCore software will help you meet all importer obligations defined by REACH and CLP.

Manufacturer outside the EEA

Manufacturer outside the EEA

If you are a manufacturer or downstream user who manufactures a hazardous chemical or mixture and you are based outside the European Economic Area (EEA), your importers may require you to provide safety data sheets.

SBLCore software allows you to easily create safety data sheets for EEA countries. The software is therefore also suitable for customers from China, America, or Canada who are not in the EEA.

The most common industries

Where You Will Encounter Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets can be found wherever chemicals and mixtures are handled in any way.



paints and varnishes, sealants, adhesives, plasters, and asphalt mixtures

Products for ENGINEERING

lubricants, oils, car cosmetics and chemicals, rust and bolt releasers

Products for ENGINEERING
Products for AGRICULTURE

Products for AGRICULTURE

industrial fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides

Products for HOUSEHOLDS

detergents, washing powders, air fresheners, and fragrances

Products for HOUSEHOLDS


pool chemistry, aquarium water treatment, drinking water treatment

Products for E-CIGARETTES

disposable cigarettes, liquid refills for electronic cigarettes

Products for E-CIGARETTES

Is SBLCore Suitable Option for You?

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What our customers say about us


“In our company, we work with a large quantity of safety data sheets on a daily basis. These are prepared for a number of applied raw materials, semi-finished products, and various types and shades of paints and building materials. It is also typical for the recipes to be relatively complex. Thanks to the SBLCore software, we are not only able to save a significant amount of time creating safety data sheets, but it allows us to do it in a simple, transparent and user-friendly environment. From our point of view, other benefits include, for example, the option to save the data into various formats or export it into XML for instant notification to the server of the Ministry of Health (CHLaP).”

Hradilová Alena



“When looking for a solution for the processing and management of safety data sheets, I chose SBLCore software. We purchased SBLCore more as a backup and support solution for our operatives, but it soon proved to be a powerful tool that now helps us to process safety data sheets for the whole range of original ŠKODA parts and accessories. With this software, we have successfully passed audits conducted by our foreign importers and our sales have not been jeopardised. We use 18 language localisations. If the user knows what they want and knows how to achieve it, SBLCore is of enormous help.”

Tadeáš Narovec


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We offer solutions for creating and managing safety data sheets. Let us deal with the overall administration associated with the creation, classification, and archiving of safety data sheets. SBLCore software is designed for all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and various users of chemicals and mixtures.

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