Software SBLCore

For the creation of perfect Safety Data Sheets

Designed for all manufacturers, importers, distributors and downstream users of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. It can be used for processing, recording, revisions and printing of Safety Data Sheets and labels. SBLCore software is very useful tool for the companies as it helps the creation and administration of these documents to be much easier and faster. It also minimizes mistakes and inaccuracies in the documents and the document format is fully compliant with the legislation in force.


SBLCore system for creating Safety Data Sheets in English, Czech and Slovak. Convert between languages with one click. Software SBLCore for creation and evidence of Safety Data Sheets and labels designs is developing on the base of cooperation with , ltd, engaged EU chemical legislation and chemical legislation of each member states for several years. Software SBLCore immediatelly respond to any change in legislation in the field dispose of chemical substances and mixtures.

Safety data sheets

Creation of Safety Data Sheets has never been easier. read more»


Automatic classification including a detailed classification of the balance sheet. read more»


Labels with all legal components are generated based on information from the Safety Data Sheet. read more»

Ingredient data sheets

Data sheets of detergents can be created by just one touch. read more»

See the screen shots of the program SBLCore


of the safety data sheet


View a list of Safety Data Sheets.


Generating the label of the Safety Data Sheet

Classification balance sheet

Preview generated balance sheet

Editing SDS

Adding substances


A safety data sheet in another language is a question of just one touch.

The software is available in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish, French, Spanish and Hungarian and creates Safety Data Sheets in these languages. The language of the safety data sheet is independent of the chosen language of the application. For example, in English version you can create safety data sheets in all available languages. Conversion of safety data sheets to another languages is possible by just one press of a button. We are preparing another languages of safety data sheets for next updates: Hungarian and Romanian.


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